When Is It Time to Start Looking for a New Job?

When Is It Time to Start Looking for a New Job?

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When Is It Time to Start Looking for a New Job?


Granted you’ll feel lukewarm at times and there will be a couple of “I need a new job right now” moments. Although these are basically common on bad days, however, there are some important red flag scenarios you shouldn’t continue to ignore.

Having to leave a bad job at the blink of an eye is no doubt difficult for most people. Still, staying at a job even when you know you’re not supposed to be there is not always the right thing to do.

So, what time is it right to start the hunt for a new job? What exactly are those signs that you’ll be better off elsewhere? These are what we’ll discuss below.

You’re depressed and disinterested in your job

If you’re always scared of Mondays and can’t fully enjoy your weekends because of this, perhaps something big is already wrong. Maybe a project is slowing you down temporarily but when you start to have this feeling every time you’re off from work, then something is definitely not right. On the contrary, it may as well be the right time to start looking at other options.

You’re unable to get along with your boss or coworkers

Success can be quite hard when you don’t like your boss or when he/she also obviously hates you. You may also be finding it to get along with colleagues who are consistently being hard to get along with. When these thoughts continue to weigh heavy on your mind all day, it’s a sign that you need a new job right now!

You didn’t get a promotion you think you deserve

You may have probably been passed over because you don’t have the exact certification and training that would have qualified you for this. Nevertheless, ask what the reason is and if you don’t get a straight and right answer, then something is off!

You’ve had to see several rounds of layoffs

Perhaps the company has had several rounds of layoffs but you still are there unaffected. As it is, this may still be a good reason to start looking for another job. Having to do multiple rounds of layoffs can leave the remaining staff with an unrealistic workload; do you want this to be you?

Your work and value continuously gets undermined

Your boss and co-workers may be undermining your work and value to the company. The decisions you make and the projects you’ve done may get overturned or discredited by them in these cases. When these are done without your knowledge or input, it’s a clear disrespect and it means you’re not so valued in the circle. When this happens, you can start considering other options.

You’re feeling bored and not challenged

This can happen to anyone especially when you’ve spent a good number of years into the job. If you don’t feel challenged anymore, you can ask for new projects and see if this changes. If it doesn’t, perhaps you’ll need a new adventure.

You’re always lamenting to family and friends about your work

So, what happens when friends and families ask you “how is work?” Rather than answering them happily or in a somewhat informative way, if you find yourself always lamenting about how bad the situation is with your work at every opportunity, it probably would make sense if you take steps outside to turn that story around.

You’re are overstressed and finding it difficult to manage this

When your work starts to have a negative impact on your mental and physical health, then you need to rethink. Is your job making you sick? Are you finding it hard to cope with your workload? A lot of people eventually turn to drugs, food, and others to cope with this stress. When your work starts making you feel this way, it probably is time to find a new place.

You’re losing sleep because of your job

When your sleep pattern becomes so disrupted you keep on waking up at night just to worry about your jobs, you seriously have to think it through and decide maybe finding a new job will eventually help you eliminate this job-induced stress that is causing you to lose your sleep.

You’re thinking about a new job already

Perhaps your mind has been so much convinced you’ve started seeing yourself elsewhere. If you have several work-related issues constantly troubling your mind all day, it’s better you look elsewhere for a fresh start.

Leaving a job is never easy but sometimes it’s the best thing for both parties. You can’t afford to stay back at the expense of your own happiness and fulfillment as well as the company’s own productivity and efficiency needs.

On most of the occasions we discussed above, looking into the labor market for new challenges and fresh starts would make absolute sense.