What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2019

What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2019

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The beginning of the new year symbolizes the start of a new page for most people.

It’s that time of the year when people rethink their life and take a new look at their goals. You’ll want to set resolutions for the new year and I sincerely hope you will stick to it. While you’re doing that, why not also revamp your resume as well to at least look more impressive and up to date?

It actually is your first impression between you and potential employers. Whether they just brush it aside because it’s no different from others or whether they call you up to schedule an interview will depend on this. You’ll no doubt want to make this as impressive as you can.

Below are a few tips to help you with this…

Keep it simple!

Don’t complicate your resume with overcomplicated layouts.

Rather, keep it simple and easy to comprehend. Many staffing agencies prefer to scan resumes with applications and software dedicated to this use. While your creative formatting may actually look fancy, it may make the content illegible and difficult to decode.

Tailor it to the position you’re applying for

You should tailor your 2019 resume to fit the position you’re currently aspiring to fill.

So, when your previous experience as a salesperson in a store during your college days does not relate to what we’re currently talking about, don’t bother to stuff it in.

It’s better to remove all irrelevant information but you should also be wary of leaving huge gaps between the positions you’ve held in the past. Most people prefer to draft a two-page resume to cut off past experiences that are irrelevant to the moment.

Display your responsibilities and achievement

For those past experiences you deem relevant to the post you’re aspiring for, you’ll want these to vividly depict your responsibilities and achievements within those periods and positions. That plays a role in how your employer determines whether you’re fit for the position or not.

Rather than just summarizing your skills across those positions, you’ll be better off headlining the specific job title, your employer, as well as the dates of employment.

You can also provide more details about the position and experience. Don’t assume your employer will automatically understand the position and experience even if you don’t provide brief but useful details.

Craft your resume to fit the desired criteria

So, now that your resume is looking super cool and impressive but are you sure you’re applying for a position where you perfectly meets the desired criteria. You want to work smart and not necessarily hard. By tailoring your resume now to meet the posts you’re applying for, you’ll be putting yourself in a better position to receive more feedback for the work you’ve put into this.

Staffing agencies will be able to see those roles you’ve applied for and when you have applied for twenty different jobs with different job requirements, you may come across to them as someone without a clear career plan.

Hopefully, these will help you as you go into the new year with renewed hopes and expectations to finally land that perfect job you’ve always wanted.