Is a Career in Project Management Right For You?

Is a Career in Project Management Right For You?

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Is a Career in Project Management Right For You?

The demand for Project Management Managers keeps on rising.

Within the next decade, the Project Management Institute, (PMI) predicts this will even rise to about 33%. We understand why this is so. Project managers contribute greatly to productivity in many organizations. These professionals oversee project management from planning through to execution.

If you’re planning to get a Project Management Practitioners (PMP), certification you’re no doubt rooting for a highly rewarding career. But even then, is a career in project management right for you?

Let’s find some answers to that question!

What does project management entail?

Managing a project from planning to execution is no piece of cake.

Even though it may appear simple on the surface, it requires a lot and that’s why more than one-third of projects fail, either marginally, or completely.

As a project manager, your day-to-day operations, managing projects will involve;

  • Determining the skillsets to successfully execute every phase of the project
  • Establishing the needed budget and time for the project and subprojects
  • Coordinating meetings, tracking project progress, and reporting to stakeholders
  • Managing team culture -and overseeing project completion


Project manager’s skills and characteristic traits

If you’re gunning for certain careers in project management, you have to understand what skills you’ll need to excel. You’ll need to juggle multiple projects from time to time. You’ll have to coordinate several tasks and schedules –and it can be really difficult to manage.

Along with your training, you’ll have to cultivate and hone certain skills. With time, you’ll be able to proudly call yourself a professional. But before then, here are some of the skills and traits you should have to pursue careers in project management.

Leadership traits

You’ll manage projects and ultimately, you’ll manage people. You’ll coordinate and manage meetings.

There are times when key decisions will have to be made. Without good leadership and management skills, most people will fail at these. Your confidence and poise, and how well you’re able to manage the team will prove vital in any of the many careers in project management.

To excel in any of the different careers in project management you’ll need certain leadership and management skills that include;

  • Budget management
  • Time management
  • Scope management
  • Relationship management,
  • Risk management, etc


Communication skills

Effective communication is the backbone of every project success and every successful project manager knows this. You’ll need your communications skill to be at its best. You’ll have to deliver news from time to time, both bad and good. You’ll have to convey valuable technical info to team members as well. Your negotiation and conflict resolution skills will also be put to question.

Truth is; project management is a lucrative and highly rewarding career. However, whether or not you’ll be fine with careers in project management will depend on your own personal evaluation and assessment based on what we’ve discussed so far. If you still want to learn more, consider checking out our previous article on the Five Secrets of Successful Project Managers.

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