7 Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency to Land Your Next Job

7 Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency to Land Your Next Job

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The US economy seems to be doing great at the moment but the job market is as competitive as ever.

Still, you’ll need an extra push or boost to navigate the ever competitive labor market. Things can get really isolating and frustrating at times and only the most suitable talents are getting the jobs they very much need.

Despite this, working with a recruiter can make everything a lot easier. Staffing agencies work with their clients (employers) to find the perfect candidates in a crowded market. Should you decide to use a staffing agency for your job search, here are seven of the biggest advantages you stand to benefit.

Staffing agencies are well experienced

It is believed that the average professional in the US changes job every three years.

That is a whole lot of time before they engage in a job search again. Within that space of time, a lot can happen in the labor market. While most job seekers often lack the adequate experience to navigate their ways, a staffing agency, on the other hand, will be well experienced since that’s what they live for and do every other day.

You can expect this wealth of experience to play into your advantage one way or the other during the course of your job search.

Endless opportunities

Several studies have been done on why many job seekers prefer using staffing agencies for their job search. On most occasions, being able to find confidential opportunities has ranked higher than most other advantages.

They have access to a part of the job market that is virtually hidden to the rest of the public. And often times, job seekers may even be called to fill positions within an organization even when most of the staff members in such organizations are not aware of such roles.

Robust network and connection

Staffing agencies usually have a wide network of contacts within several industries. Before you know, you’re already being interviewed by a hiring manager in a company you never heard was hiring. All of the entire network the recruiter has built over the years is deployed to help you find the perfect job in a suitable firm.

A staffing agency saves you time

You could send out your CVs to 30 different firms and not hear a single word from anyone. On the other hand, just a single CV you sent to a recruiter may get you right in front of a hiring manager in no time. Compared to going the road alone yourself, using a staffing agency in your bid to land your next job will save you a great deal of stress and time.

Valuable insights and honest feedback

So the staffing agency basically acts as a middleman between you and the employers and will usually provide valuable insights and feedback to clear up confusion in several cases. Apart from cheering you on to employers, staffing agencies at times can also help you with valuable tips to improve your resume and guide you through interviews.

Competitive edge

With a staffing agency, you can get some really valuable information about several things you ordinarily wouldn’t find out easily on your own. Staffing agencies usually have a robust knowledge of the hiring company’s company culture. They also have basic details of the job specifications, some insider information about the interviewer and the interview process itself.

With all of this information on your fingertips, you will be able to go in with a lot more positivity, giving you a kind of competitive edge.

Using a Staffing Agency is FREE!

You heard that right. As a job seeker, you won’t need to pay the staffing agency. The recruiter gets paid by employers. So while you basically have nothing to lose, you have a whole lot to gain.

There are staffing agencies of all kinds out there. You’ll no doubt have to look around for the best ones, however. Only then will you be able to truly enjoy all of these and many more advantages.