Things to Avoid on Your Next Job Interview

Things to Avoid on Your Next Job Interview

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So, you’ve finally landed an interview for that dream job you’ve always eyed.

It’s understandable that you want to do everything right so you don’t have to feel any bit awkward or embarrassed during the process. You want to tick the box in the right places and impress the interviewer that you’re the perfect fit.

Don’t get caught up in this to a level where you forget those little things that can influence the outcome. Below are a few things you should avoid so you don’t lose the job even before you’ve started.

Showing up late

By coming late to the interview, you’re easily telling the interview how unorganized and unprofessional you can be. Rather than show up late, plan your route carefully and put in an extra thirty minutes just in case anything shows up.

Having your phone ring out loud

Perhaps you’ll be better off switching off your phone completely. And even if you can’t, at least put it on silent so you don’t ever have to feel embarrassed or awkward when your alert goes off or when that weird or questionable ringtone blares out loudly. Additionally, you can’t answer your phone calls or text messages in the middle of an interview. It’s a sure way to lose favor easily.

Appearing arrogant and too full of yourself

Your interviewer will greatly appreciate your exceptional confidence and courage. What they won’t appreciate however is your flagrant display of arrogance, over-confidence, or the feeling that you’re entitled to the job already.

Lying about anything whatsoever

Maybe you’re feeling tempted to sell yourself to your potential employer as the best candidate or whatever reason it may be, but don’t ever lie during an interview. When you do and you’re asked to elaborate your claim, you probably may get caught up in your own web and believe it or not, most hiring managers would not consider liars as suitable for many roles.

Being dressed in an inappropriate manner

Most hiring managers agree about one thing, better to come for your interview overdressed than to come underdressed. Well, your interviewer is no fashion police and you aren’t there for a fashion show as well. However, they would like to evaluate what value of professionalism you’ll bring to the table and if at all you will, you’ll need to dress that part.

Passing the buck on others

Your current boss may have been the evil genius Lord Voldemort himself, but this is no place to rant about the excesses of an overreaching boss or some annoying colleagues. You don’t want to sound like someone who blames others for their mistakes without being accountable or accepting responsibility for their own actions. You want to appear like a team player, not someone who seems very hard to get along with.

Bad body languages portraying you in a bad light

Certain body postures or behaviors may show you in a bad light to the interviewer. Most common among these include continuously avoiding eye contact with the interviewer making it seem like you’re unworthy or probably hiding something. Others include fidgeting too much on your seat or plainly refusing to smile all through the interview. You also don’t have to fold your arms across your chest when no one has really collected your snack pack or done anything to offend you.

So there you have it. These and many more other things are usually ignored and may as well cost you that opportunity to finally land the job of your dreams. So, when next you’re going for an interviewer, remember not to do any of these things that will possibly work against your success.